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Purpose Rockstar is coming back!

In this quick update, I share with you some of our upcoming plans and how we got here.

What's your plan to infuse purpose into your career this year?

Tell me via email at derrick@purposerockstar.com


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David Brown is a "rebel without a clue" and a private investor. Top knotch colleges and jobs make David Brown stand out.


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Alexandra Marquez started off with a love for fashion, then blossomed into a succesful business women on Poshmark. Going from a simple love of fashion to making thousands a day wasn't easy but Alexandra shows that anything is possible.


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Maggie Mabery is nothing short of amazing as she as been elected teacher of the year in California. She shares her love of science with her students, ultimately setting them up for a fun and successful year. 


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Kelly Peletz is the president of Chariot For Women, a ride-share service geared toward serving women through women drivers and passengers. Kelly's extensive nursing background was ultimately the perfect fit for this new organization.


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Sarah Worley is a nationally known Mediator in Boston area working for her company Sarah E. Worley Conflict Resolution P.C.. She was not only the first female mediator in Boston, she has also beeb recognized by Super Laws for extensive law background as well as her role as a mediator and netural.


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Harry Campbell is the man, the myth, the legend, behind the rideshareguy.com. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Harry went from being an aerospace engineer to an Uber and Lyft driver while incorporating his passion for blogging. 

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Margaret Butler is the Executive Director for Komera an organization that works to empower women through education and running. Margaret is nothing short of fast and furious, as she uses her olympic background to empower women in Africa.

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Baylee Greenberg is the COO For Crisis Textline, an orgnaization geared toward helping people stray from self-harm through text messaging.


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Sam Aquillano is founder of museum without walls for and by designers, Design Museum. We chat about how a teen who sold pirated CDs and built a lawn mowing mini empire became a founder of one of the most unique experiential organizations in the world. Read more→

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Lindsay Lucas is neo-soul singer who has performed with Talib Kweli, Ernie Isley, John Scofield, Herby Hancock. This Berklee College of Music graduate has residency at one of the biggest jazz clubs in Boston and now is releasing her first full record.

In this interview, you'll discover how she transitioned from starving artist to working musician in an incredibly depressing time in her life. Read More →

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In this interview, we chat about how Meera Vijayan is putting herself in harm's warm way with her reporting, the event that pushed her to start her journey, and the next steps in bringing more awareness to sexual violence. 

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Lianne Wade (@liannewade) is the Director of Customer Insights at Wilde Agency, a marketing firm focused on using the science of human behavior to help their clients perform.


Click read more to get slides from Lianne's presentation on her work on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Read More and Get Ice Bucket Challenge Bonus →  

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Lynn Aaronson is more than the woman who helped ALS work through the Ice Bucket Challenge. She is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts chapter and a successful nonprofit executive for 30 years.

When the US economy tanked in in 2009 she became unemployed for 17 months. An experience that taught her a lot about what really matters in her life.

In this interview, how her experience being unemployed changed the ALS hiring, we discuss how she tackled the Ice Bucket Challenge before and after the campaign, how she turned around the ALS Massachusetts chapter financial stability.

Get the Ice Bucket Challenge breakdown and tons of other resources

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In 2008, Katherine Keller went from corporate marketing job married with children to divorce and too broke to pay the light bills as a single parent. 

Katherine now runs Katherine Keller International, an online marketing, branding, copywriting and graphic design agency. She is also featured writer for Entrepreneur.com

In this interview, we discuss what Katherine did to get up from rock bottom, share business advice on entrepreneur overwhelm, copywriting, graphic design, branding and how to successfully manage your time. →Read More

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Conor Williams has ideas on how to change the US education system. His ideas have been published in Washington Post, The New Republic, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, U.S. News and World Report, Talking Points Memo in addition to several other publications.

In this interview, we discuss changing the US education system, Teach for America, charter schools, and how he has made a career picking fights.

→Episode notes and Resources

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In this episode, we say thank you and provide a road map on how to become a Purpose Rockstar in your life. We talk about the path to living a meaningful life where your skills and impact are at maximum levels.

Derrick reveals his struggles to become best self and what he will do this year to get there.  

If you would like to hold yourself accountable via a private community where you'll get help to become your hidden best self -- Join at the top of this page.  

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Professor, psychologist, and actor Isaiah Pickens is changing the way we understand teenagers. In this interview, we discuss how teens brains develop, why teens have difficulty making good decisions, and his new teen talk show ‘We Complicated’. Read more→  

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Andrea Funk turns t-shirts into long lasting memories via her one-of-a-kind quilts. We chat about how she pushed through 10 years to create a successful business and the difference between quilts and blankets. Continue reading→

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Maria Kussmaul is the Founding Partner and Investment Banking Head at America's Growth Capital (AGC Partners), a boutique Investment Bank that advises emerging growth companies or tech companies in merging, acquisition and information security. Continue Reading →

Renee Fry is the founder and chief marketing officer of Making Care Easier , a care platform that helps you take action and care of your elderly loved ones. Despite fighting off a brain tumor, Renee is dedicated to providing care for the elderly.  Continue Reading →

Paula Berg is a PR and marketing expert and is the current Digital Media Manager at Hewlett Packard (HP). At Southwest Airlines, she was able to work her way up in their communications department and eventually get her job at HP.  Continue Reading →

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Mario Jannatpour is a successful realtor and author of the Honest Real Estate Agent , a training guide on how to become a successful real estate agent. Mario has a simple philosophy he follows in his career: help your customers find what they want and in return you'll get what you want. Read more →

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Blaz Jemc is the COO of Travel Starter, a global crowdfunding platform for tourism businesses by helping them connect with the local community to raise funding for their projects.  Continue Reading →

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It's not easy running a women's sports clothing company and a nonprofit organization simultaneously. Jen Gurecki, however, is doing just that. She is the CEO of Coalition Snow and is also the Chief Innovation Officer of Zawadisha fund. Continue Reading →

Hope Nicholson is a Canadian comic book publisher, editor of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, and a Kickstarter maven with 3 successful campaigns under her belt. Her current project, Secret Loves of Geek Girls has made an impressive $122,286 CAD.  Continue Reading →

Ashley Rankin is the founder of SHREDLY, a women's mountain bike apparel line that was one of the most funded clothing Kickstarter campaigns. Though hesistant to join Kickstarter, she learned along the way and launched a successful campaign.  Continue Reading →

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Smith Kapoor is the guidance coach to Sensitive Souls and author of forthcoming book "LIFE: Series of Learning Lessons and Vacation Time". We're here today to learn about how she got to where she is today after being diagnosed with cancer.  Continue Reading →

The multi-talented entrepreneur, artist, author of The Startup Equation, and speaker Ja-Nae Duane started out with humble beginnings. Although faced with challenges, she was able to turn her life around and become a successful entrepreneur. Continue Reading →

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Liz Maxwell is currently the Events Manager of Impact Hub NYC and has a strong background in the arts working as the Artistic Director of the Art Monastery Project. On this show, Liz talks to us about her optimistic point of view in life and how that has helped her along her career path.   Continue Reading →

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Say goodbye to overcooked eggs. Lisa Fetterman is the founder of Nomiku, the first ever home sous vide appliance that brings the secret of 3-Michelin star chefs into your own kitchen. Through her hard work in creating this product and and launching the#1 funded food Kickstarter campaign, she is now running a thriving business.  Continue Reading →

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Emily Kund is an expert in the field of data visualization, a process that turns data into information that can be processed visually or narratively so that it is easier to understand and can be utilized. Continue Reading →

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Sarah Parsons is the Managing Director of Japan in Perspective that offers a services and training packages to facilitate communication between British and Japanese companies. Continue Reading →

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Marjorie Agosin is an accomplished writer from Chile and professor at Wellesley College. She is best known for her book, I Lived on A Butterfly Hill, and her recent poetry collection, Secrets in the the Sand: The Young Women of Juárez. Continue Reading →

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Abby Speicher is the founder CEO and Co-founder of DARTdrones, a FAA certified UAV drone pilot school. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Abby Speicher always had a natural talent for starting companies.  Continue Reading →

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Fred Engh is the founder of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), an organization that provides programs, services, and resources to promote fun physical activity for kids and the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. Continue Reading →

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Tony Stubblebine is the CEO and founder of Coach.me (formerly known as Lift), a popular app that gives ambitious people their own team of coaches to help them achieve their goals. Dissatisfied with his well-paid, yet unfulfilling job after college, he decided to pack his bags and join the startup scene in California. He faced many points of uncertainty when he first started, but through perseverance and a great business partner, he was able to build a successful startup. Continue Reading →

Diane Hessan is the CEO of Startup Institute, an 8-week program that transforms people into skilled individuals that are ready to take on the workforce. Growing up with family members that never went to college, Diane was able to earn her Bachelor's at Tufts University and Master's in Harvard Business School. From there on, she built her first successful startup C-Space (formerly known as Communispace) and eventually found her way to Startup Institute, where she is changing student's lives everyday by teaching htem invaluable skills and life lessons.

 Continue Reading →

Carol Stewart is the UK's Top 50 Business Advisors and founder of Abounding Solutions, a coaching and mentoring service to help women gain confidence in their abilities and to succeed in the workplace. Growing up lacking confidence and shy, Carol has transformed into a strong individual that is sharing her expertise to women around the world. 

 Continue Reading →

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Amy Quigley is the President of the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX), an organization with 7,500 professionals that provides content, networking opportunities, and education in order to bring visibility to digital marketing in New England. Her career path may have not been a clear one, but Amy was able to find her place in marketing and work in a job that she is passionate about. Continue Reading →

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Ashley Milne-Tyte is a journalist and host for The Broad Experience, a podcast that focuses on women and the issues they face in the workplace. Ashley found her passion in helping women thrive in their careers and created her show, The Broad Experience.Continue Reading →

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Deborah Gordon is the Medical Director of Pathology at Heywood and Athol Hospital in Massachusetts. She graduated from college not planning on attending medical school, but as opportunities opened up, she eventually earned her MD and became the head of two hospitals. As a mother of two children, Deborah had to learn how to balance her professional and personal life.  Continue Reading →

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Before Facebook was even a thing, Jen Golbeck has already been analyzing social networks and using artificial intelligence to figure out people's secrets based on what they do online. Jen Goldbeck is a computer scientist and Ted Talk speaker of "The curly fry conundrum: Why social media 'likes' say more than you think." She is doing some fascinating research on human computer interaction, and how that can reveal many surprising things about ourselves. Continue Reading →

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Brian Miller is the head coach of the women's basketball team at Leeds City Schools. He has faced challenges but is here today to share his top tips on coaching a successful basketball team. Continue Reading →

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Brian Morgan is the president of Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA) and grew up playing football as an outlet for him to make friends, learn how to be a team player, and deal with adversity.Continue Reading →

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Manish Chandra is the CEO and founder of Poshmark, an online fashion marketplace that lets you sell clothes from your closet or buy clothes from people all over the world. Graduating from high school at 15 and finishing his undergrad at just 19, Manish left college thinking he wanted to be in the tech industry. Soon after, he found his place in women's fashion industry after creating Poshmark. His journey to finding a $25 million funded business was not always easy, but Manish is here to share with us the lesson he has learned along the way. Continue Reading →

Mike Valenzuela and Casey Starr are both in Playing With Chaos, a rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that is passionate about music and composing their own music every single day. Both grew up with a musical background, and immediately hit it off when they first met, and have been collaborating ever since. Continue Reading →

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Brendan Hufford is the jack of all trades - an entrepreneur, a business coach, a successful podcast host, and a blogger. He had an entrepreneurial mindset ever since he was in the 4th grade, where he managed to gather a group of kids to start a video game renting business. As he grew up, he learned by working hard that any aspirations he has in life are achievable.   Continue Reading →

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Oded Dumah, founder and president of Humane Human Settlements, a Johannesburg non profit that builds homes for people living in shacks, was born and raised in the slums of Zimbabwe. Growin up, he understood the struggles of living in the slum and knew many people in his community that were living in poor conditions. For this reason, Oded is putting forth his efforts to help build more than 9000 homes for people in South Africa. 

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Jane Kohuth, a successful children's books author,  grew up facing a constant battle with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissues in the body. This chronic illness would cause irregularities in her health, making it difficult to work a regular full-time job and limited to what Jane could do in life. Despite this hardship, she continued to follow her passion for storytelling and eventually found her place writing popular children's book like Ducks Go Vroom. Continue Reading →

Tamara Curl-Green, Senior Marketing Manager for the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash, grew up loving sports but only saw it as just a hobby. Little did she know that, she would one day be managing the social media and digital marketing efforts for huge professional teams like the Colorado Rapids and currently the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash.  Continue Reading →

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James Dawkins, video editor of the Houston Rockets, found his passion for video production at an early age when he used to film with his twin brother for his church group. Currently, James is working under renowned film editor, Gil Green, and has impressive professional experience doing video editing for NBA teams. Continue Reading →

Karen Chasten is the CEO of Alionment, resonator of Braveheart Women, and former CFO of a publicly listed company. After overcoming her son's death, weight loss, and learning to be her own best friend, Karen is now sharing her principles to living a fulfilling life and empowering women everywhere to do the same.  Continue Reading →

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Ellory Wells is a #1 bestselling author, business coach and the founder of Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs, an exclusive community that connects you with like-minded individuals that helps you achieve your business goals.  Continue Reading →

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Mary Liz Kehler has impressive career in international affairs--working in places like the US Treasury Department, World Bank, and US Embassy in Paris. Her life changed forever in Paraguay building social enterprises. Read more →

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Connie Chow grew up in a women lead household in Hong Kong since the age of 6. After earning her PhD in Virology at Harvard, she took an unusual route and made it her life goal to promote gender equality and encourage young girls to pursue a career in science and engineering.  Continue Reading →

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After getting arrested and getting caught in the wrong crowd Ali Fuller finds herself by teaching 100+ students discipline and increased self esteem in mixed martial artsRead more→ 

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Founder of Rebuild Africa, Bill Massaquoi discusses fighting ebola, Liberian civil war, and helping young people in Africa meet their potential Continue Reading→

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Emma and Carla Papas are the Merrymaker Sisters. They are famous for their incredible enthusiasm for sharing mouth watering recipes, health hacks and the paleo lifestyle on their blog. Read more → 

Merry Maker Sisters

In this interview, we chat about their personal struggles with dieting and getting their online business started

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Jasmin Cuffee lead the Women of the World Poetry slam and has made a name for herself in Alberquerque's poetry scene.  After dropping out of high school at 16 and married at 20, life became a struggle to find meaningful work. Read more →

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As former CEO of Young Presidents Organization, Bob Halperin helped thousands of executives world wide to make leaps in their professional and personal growth. Discover how forums can help you do the same. Read more →

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Dan Gallant journey from running zero budget productions to reviving the 40 year old Nuyorican's Poets Cafe brand, which helped launch Rosie Perez, Scarlet Johansson, and John Leguizamos to raise $6.9M. Read more→

Attn: poets, writers, word lovers

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60,000 rhyming combos, 13 yrs in making, rhyme really hard words like orange with slant and family rhymes

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Danny Strack uses his marketing skills and "whuffie" to turn his poetry into an actual living. We chat about how he dropped out of college, got into corporate marketing, and using those skills to run Austin Poetry Slam community in Texas. 

Support Book of Rhymes on Kickstarter

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Joseph Carrabis uses technology to read virtual minds through their purchasing decisions. He is the Chief Neuroscience Officer and Data Science at InsightXM and runs Next Stage Evolution. He is author of over 25 books on marketing psychology. Continue Reading →

 Sponsored by Book of Rhymes on Kickstarter

60,000 rhyming reference book to cure creative constipation

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Tatyana Brown: poet, teacher, and literary fighter of inequality. She touches on her story of overcoming childhood domestic abuse and starving artist syndrome.

Read more →

Sponsored by Book of Rhymes on Kickstarter

Rhyme book with 60,000 entries including slant rhymes

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Chuck Middleton is the first openly gay man to become a college president in the US. We chat about advantages of being gay in a running a college, the power of mentoring, and how he developed 6 current college presidents. Notes and Links →

Use Promo code 'ROCKSTAR' to get 10% off Perfect Fuel Chocolate

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Denise Bransford never intended to become a higher education executive. She cared deeply about education and young people. Listen to learn how her volunteer work led her to become a VP at Roosevelt University.

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Camille Preston was a limo driver, waitress, and did it all. In this interview we explore how she found her vocation and how you can find yourself in work.

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Melissa Tyler is a Jeweler and entrepreneur getting in people's stomachs and making big change. We chat about her Tummy Toys and the incubation space she has created.

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Cheryl Brown is teaching people how to quilt online. We chat about why she quilts and the challenges of making a living online.

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Henry Johnson has done the corporate thing, now he is on his way to creating a podcast about creators. We chat about the transition and his journey.

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Sarah Sladek helps companies figure out how to attract and retain millenials. We chat about the gap between baby boomers and millennials plus how to bridge it.

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Susan Murphy Warren is the COO of Seeding Labs an organization that sends lab equipment to schools that need them all over the world. We chat about her career in medical devices and international development.

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Keith Griffis runs ifSimply.com which helps people create membership sites. Find out how he doesn't have to be sleazy to sell, the end of his career as a rockstar and how several miscarriages led him to a career helping people.

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Mike Messier is a director, acting coach, wrestling commentator, and a compelling dude. We chat about his film The Nature of the Flame and overcoming mental illness. Episode Sponsor Perfect Fuel Chocolate, Use "Rockstar" at checkout for 10% off

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Angel Mendoza specializes in Meso American, indigenous and Aztec art. We talk about the journey to finding his roots and his mission to reviving the interest in Mexican iconography. Sponsor Perfect Fuel Chocolate Use "Rockstar" at checkout for 10% off

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Charu Sharma grew up in a conservative Indian household then grew up to become a tech dynamo. Serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and trailblazer we chat about her jouney. Sponsor Perfect Fuel Chocolate Use "Rockstar" for 10% off

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Betsy Carson was always interested in film. Her partner introduced her to the vegan lifestyle. Betsy has produced the very successful series Vegan Mashup and VegEZ, a top rated video podcast on iTunes. We chat about tv shows, transition to the vegan diet, vegan cheese and how to make it as a filmmaker.

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Joyce Walker was one of the first female Harlem Globetrotters, played for Team USA, and avg 25 ppg at LSU. After going abroad to play she became addicted to drugs. Find out how she overcame and got into coaching.

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In this special episode, we chat about the danger of doing everything yourself. I explain the term Single Point of Failure, why you need to know it and what to do about it. Sponsor Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use promo code "Rockstar" for 10% off

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This last episode of the R.O.C.K. series where we the C and the K. Have you created a vision for your career? Do you know exactly what you want in your career? Learn about this and more. Sponsor Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use 'Rockstar' for 10% off

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Tess O'Brien created Clean Power Perks make it cool to use clean power. We chat about how she is teaming with brands to provide 'perks' to people who sign up for clean power.

Episode sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" for 10% off 

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Bonnie Burgett is changing real estate with fancy math and crowd funding. We chat about her company Sourced Capital and its potential to change everything. Special guest: Tim the intern Save 10% on your order with "Rockstar" at Perfect Fuel Chocolate 

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Jin Ho Kim got so sick from stress he could not get out of bed for 1 year. We chat about how the stress of performing creating an autoimmune condition that almost crippled him. Sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" for 10% off your order

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Valerie Groth is a Life Coach and former school counselor. We chat about the student who inspired her to create a boarding school in Chicago.Sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" for 10% off

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This edition of the ROCK series is about what you have to offer professionally. We go into detail about how to find out what you have to offer your clients or colleagues. Sponsor for this show is Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use code "Rockstar" for 10% off.

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The ROCK series breaks down how to sell and talk about yourself effectively. R is for Recognize your unique personality and how to make it a professional asset. Sponsor: Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" at checkout for 10% off

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In this special episode, we chat about how to find mentors and interns for entrepreneurs starting out. This episode is sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate, organic fuel for workouts and your work day. Use "Rockstar" at Checkout for 10% off.

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In this special episode, we chat about taking a career break. Is it career suicide? Listen to the show and let me know. This podcast is sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" at Checkout for 10% off your order.

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In this special episode, Derrick talk about how to figure what to do in your career. We go down memory lane where he talks about dead end jobs and how to get out of them. Sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Promo code Rockstar for 10% off your order

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In this special bonus episode, Derrick talks about some changes to the podcast. We chat about contest for Purpose Rockstars, musical change, and a brand new sponsor. Excitement awaits.

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Kacy Karlen started the Height of Style because it was difficult to find a great fashion resource for tall women and men.We chat about life as a 6'4 woman trying to be stylish, growing a writing team, and coolness of dorkdorm :)

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Taylor White decided to start investing in real estate just after Sept 11, 2001. In a down economy, he was able to invest in real estate throughout the world, travel, and learn a lot along the way. We chat about rum, Buenos Aires, and how he made it.

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Jonny Nastor grew up booking punk rock shows and running offline business. When it came to online business though, he took a long hard road. We chat about why he loves online now, how he got unstuck, and being in his daughter's shadow.

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Monica RW was 'Ms Corporate' working her way up the ladder until she got sick and tired. Now she hosts Independent Underground podcast. We chat about their rise from 0 to 147,000 listeners per month + three quick family deaths that changed everything.

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Ani Alexander left a job that was taking her away from her family to pursue writing. We chat about how she found success as a self-published author, why she coaches writers, and her newest book. Derrick's mic had some issues. Enjoy this anyway :)

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Angela Gibson is a transpersonal intuitive counselor. Translation: she helps gain insight into the spiritual world arous us. We chat abour her journey from scientist to spiritual counselor, clearing a house of spirits, and her upcoming tv show. 

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Sheeri Cabral makes MySQL databases cool and brings people together. We chat about how databases  affect our every day lives and how she went from neuroscience to computer science. Let's get dangerous!

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Sherry Penney rose to become the first female president of the University of Massachusetts system. Before then she was told she could not get a job as a professor. We talk about all the difficult steps of her rise to leadership.

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Latoya Burton is a San Francisco who found purpose in interior design and home in Australia. We chat about her journey and the walkabout that lead her to creating Twelve-22. It's just two old friends catching up.

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