Purpose Rockstar: Daily Career Stories including Grammar Girl and Gretchen Rubin

Donna Christensen went from Doctor to Congresswoman but it was not an easy road. We chat with the US Representative for the Virgin Islands on her risky move to Congress and her bid to become the first black female Governor in US history. Continue Reading→

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Emily Goodstein quit a 9 to 5 to become a birth photographer or birthographer. In this interview, we chat about shooting vaginas, why she focuses on births, and the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Continue Reading→

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Kristina Kaiser is the Lead Pastor at the River South Church in Quincy, MA. She incorporates film into her sermons and has produced films herself. We chat about the power of media in church and her story from opera singer to pastor. Continue Reading→

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Afua Richardson is a comic book artist and singer. This Jane of all trades is author of Genius and Native American classics. We talk about the challenges of being a woman in comics and the projects she has on the horizon. Continue Reading→

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Ryan Ferrier is a comic book writer and letterer who brings depth to the industry. He is the writer of D4VE, Tiger Lawyer, and Ultranova. We talk about making it in comics and his passion for writing. Continue Reading→

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Isra Garcia is a marketer who uses social media to create meaningful relationship. His story includes a huge gamble leaving his home country of Spain to University of Liverpool. We also talk about why he participates in extreme sports. Continue Reading→

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David Keevil is pyschologist who specializes in ADHD counseling. His career journey started as an artist and ended in psychology. We talk about why ADHD is a super power, the difference between ADHD and ADD, and a lot more. Continue Reading→

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Ashley Woods is a comic book artist inspired by video games, Japanese anime who balances east and west. We talk about the role of comics in her life, the Milennia War series, and the challenges of being a Black woman is comics. Continue Reading→

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Robert Wicks is Author, Pyschologist, and the person you call when you need to overcome crisis. For 30 years, he has spoken and counseled groups of people on how to overcome traumatic events. We chat about his life and the Boston Marathon bombings. Continue Reading→

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Sherrie Hines is a Public Defender in Georgia. When she is not defending indigent clients she teaches karate and volunteers at a zoo. We talk about the challenges of handling several hundred cases a year. Continue Reading→

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Connie Allen is a Professional Blackjack Dealer who wants to make trips to the casino much easier for novices. We chat about her book, The Casino Through A Dealer's Eyes and how to win a copy to know what not to do at the Blackjack table. Continue Reading→

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Mark McKenna has worked on Spiderman, Wolverine, Avengers, X-Men, and almost every major comic you know. We talk about how he was able to work on high profile comics at both Marvel and DC. Plus win a copy of his latest project... Continue Reading→

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Thomas Yeates is a comic book artist who has illustrated multiple classic characters. His credits include Zorro, Tarzan, Swamp Thing, and Price Valiant. We talk about his career in comics and working with new technology. Continue Reading→

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Lyndsey Hrabik is the Managing Editor and Social Media Strategist at Nonprofit Hub. A lover of the written word and nonprofits, we talk about how she fell into a dream shortly after college. The conversation also goes into some controversy... Continue Reading→

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Robert Hilsenroth is the Executive Director of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. He is an advocate for Zoo Vets all over the US organizing conference and lobbying congress on their behalf. We how he accidentally landed his dream job. Continue Reading→

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Gina Kinzley is the Lead Elephant Keeper at the Oakland Zoo. Her loves of animals started early. We talk about how she landed her dream job, the possibility of elephants become extinct, and what to do with elephant poop. Continue Reading→

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Zorina Galis is the Chief of Vascular Biology and Hypertension Branch at the National Institute of Health. Coming from Transylvania she had to prove herself as a scientist in a new country. We chat about her move from Pharma to helping people at NIH. Continue Reading→

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Benjamin Mee is the Zoo Director at Datmoor Zoological Park. We talk about how he went from college dropout to Zoo Director in less than 10 years. We also talk about the story behind the book and movie We Bought a Zoo based on his life. Continue Reading→

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Matt Hawkins is the CEO of Topcow Productions. He does finance, marketing, managing people, and even finds time to write two books a month. We talk about how he almost left the business, wasn't originally a comic fan, and a little Sean Connery andTom Cruise. Continue Reading→

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Jamar Nicholas is a comic artist, cartoonist, and educator. We talk about his career in cartoons, comics, and the Geoffrey Canada book that helped make him famous Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun. We also discuss his "unicorn" status as a black artist in comics. Continue Reading→

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Tim Kight is the CEO of Focus 3, an organization dedicated to creating peak formance for individuals and companies. We talk about his rise to leadership and how he is teaching coaches like Urban Meyer how to lead. Continue Reading→

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Phil LaDuke is safety blogger and consultant that understands how to tell a story. We talk about his career in performance improvement, sales, and speaking in the safety industry. Continue Reading→

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