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Liz Maxwell is currently the Events Manager of Impact Hub NYC and has a strong background in the arts working as the Artistic Director of the Art Monastery Project. On this show, Liz talks to us about her optimistic point of view in life and how that has helped her along her career path.   Continue Reading →

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Say goodbye to overcooked eggs. Lisa Fetterman is the founder of Nomiku, the first ever home sous vide appliance that brings the secret of 3-Michelin star chefs into your own kitchen. Through her hard work in creating this product and and launching the#1 funded food Kickstarter campaign, she is now running a thriving business.  Continue Reading →

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Emily Kund is an expert in the field of data visualization, a process that turns data into information that can be processed visually or narratively so that it is easier to understand and can be utilized. Continue Reading →

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Sarah Parsons is the Managing Director of Japan in Perspective that offers a services and training packages to facilitate communication between British and Japanese companies. Continue Reading →

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Marjorie Agosin is an accomplished writer from Chile and professor at Wellesley College. She is best known for her book, I Lived on A Butterfly Hill, and her recent poetry collection, Secrets in the the Sand: The Young Women of Juárez. Continue Reading →

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Abby Speicher is the founder CEO and Co-founder of DARTdrones, a FAA certified UAV drone pilot school. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Abby Speicher always had a natural talent for starting companies.  Continue Reading →

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Fred Engh is the founder of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), an organization that provides programs, services, and resources to promote fun physical activity for kids and the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. Continue Reading →

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Tony Stubblebine is the CEO and founder of Coach.me (formerly known as Lift), a popular app that gives ambitious people their own team of coaches to help them achieve their goals. Dissatisfied with his well-paid, yet unfulfilling job after college, he decided to pack his bags and join the startup scene in California. He faced many points of uncertainty when he first started, but through perseverance and a great business partner, he was able to build a successful startup. Continue Reading →

Diane Hessan is the CEO of Startup Institute, an 8-week program that transforms people into skilled individuals that are ready to take on the workforce. Growing up with family members that never went to college, Diane was able to earn her Bachelor's at Tufts University and Master's in Harvard Business School. From there on, she built her first successful startup C-Space (formerly known as Communispace) and eventually found her way to Startup Institute, where she is changing student's lives everyday by teaching htem invaluable skills and life lessons.

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Carol Stewart is the UK's Top 50 Business Advisors and founder of Abounding Solutions, a coaching and mentoring service to help women gain confidence in their abilities and to succeed in the workplace. Growing up lacking confidence and shy, Carol has transformed into a strong individual that is sharing her expertise to women around the world. 

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Amy Quigley is the President of the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX), an organization with 7,500 professionals that provides content, networking opportunities, and education in order to bring visibility to digital marketing in New England. Her career path may have not been a clear one, but Amy was able to find her place in marketing and work in a job that she is passionate about. Continue Reading →

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Ashley Milne-Tyte is a journalist and host for The Broad Experience, a podcast that focuses on women and the issues they face in the workplace. Ashley found her passion in helping women thrive in their careers and created her show, The Broad Experience.Continue Reading →

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Deborah Gordon is the Medical Director of Pathology at Heywood and Athol Hospital in Massachusetts. She graduated from college not planning on attending medical school, but as opportunities opened up, she eventually earned her MD and became the head of two hospitals. As a mother of two children, Deborah had to learn how to balance her professional and personal life.  Continue Reading →

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Before Facebook was even a thing, Jen Golbeck has already been analyzing social networks and using artificial intelligence to figure out people's secrets based on what they do online. Jen Goldbeck is a computer scientist and Ted Talk speaker of "The curly fry conundrum: Why social media 'likes' say more than you think." She is doing some fascinating research on human computer interaction, and how that can reveal many surprising things about ourselves. Continue Reading →

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Brian Miller is the head coach of the women's basketball team at Leeds City Schools. He has faced challenges but is here today to share his top tips on coaching a successful basketball team. Continue Reading →

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Brian Morgan is the president of Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA) and grew up playing football as an outlet for him to make friends, learn how to be a team player, and deal with adversity.Continue Reading →

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Manish Chandra is the CEO and founder of Poshmark, an online fashion marketplace that lets you sell clothes from your closet or buy clothes from people all over the world. Graduating from high school at 15 and finishing his undergrad at just 19, Manish left college thinking he wanted to be in the tech industry. Soon after, he found his place in women's fashion industry after creating Poshmark. His journey to finding a $25 million funded business was not always easy, but Manish is here to share with us the lesson he has learned along the way. Continue Reading →

Mike Valenzuela and Casey Starr are both in Playing With Chaos, a rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that is passionate about music and composing their own music every single day. Both grew up with a musical background, and immediately hit it off when they first met, and have been collaborating ever since. Continue Reading →

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Brendan Hufford is the jack of all trades - an entrepreneur, a business coach, a successful podcast host, and a blogger. He had an entrepreneurial mindset ever since he was in the 4th grade, where he managed to gather a group of kids to start a video game renting business. As he grew up, he learned by working hard that any aspirations he has in life are achievable.   Continue Reading →

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Oded Dumah, founder and president of Humane Human Settlements, a Johannesburg non profit that builds homes for people living in shacks, was born and raised in the slums of Zimbabwe. Growin up, he understood the struggles of living in the slum and knew many people in his community that were living in poor conditions. For this reason, Oded is putting forth his efforts to help build more than 9000 homes for people in South Africa. 

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Jane Kohuth, a successful children's books author,  grew up facing a constant battle with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissues in the body. This chronic illness would cause irregularities in her health, making it difficult to work a regular full-time job and limited to what Jane could do in life. Despite this hardship, she continued to follow her passion for storytelling and eventually found her place writing popular children's book like Ducks Go Vroom. Continue Reading →

Tamara Curl-Green, Senior Marketing Manager for the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash, grew up loving sports but only saw it as just a hobby. Little did she know that, she would one day be managing the social media and digital marketing efforts for huge professional teams like the Colorado Rapids and currently the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash.  Continue Reading →

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