Purpose Rockstar: Daily Career Stories including Grammar Girl and Gretchen Rubin

Marla Felcher connects women and causes at the Philanthropy Connection. We talk about the collective power of women in philanthropy and her journey from journalist to founder of a nonprofit. Continue Reading→

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Mehran Khaghani is one of the more intelligent, thoughtful, and crazy comedians you will ever hear. He tells the story of how he went from wild child in his 20s to became a skilled comedian. Be warned this interview has colorful language. Continue Reading→

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Krysta Youngs is singer and song writer with a musical training including Berklee College of Music, Memphis Tennessee, and mentors like famous song writer Diane Warren. We chat about making it in music and her upcoming EP. Continue Reading→

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Orlando Baxter chose a career in comedy after many years as a teacher. We talk about the power of positive pushups, his near win of a national comedy competition, and the power of mentoring in comedy. Continue Reading→

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Greg Tung created Scare Yourself Every Day, a blog where for one year he did something scary every day. We talk about many of his whacky adventures, dealing with expectations of family, and the upcoming movie about his experience. Continue Reading→

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Graham Wright leads Opus Affair, a community that brings together artists in performing and visual arts in several cities. We talk about how an organic chemistry PhD built a community of artists with thousands of members. Continue Reading→

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Bill Bentley created the Productive Self to help others find peace in their lives. After a productivity crash that caused him to nearly lose everything, Bill found strategies to help him recover. We talk about the profound impact on his life and others. Continue Reading→

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Karen Hinds is helping people of all ages meet their untapped potential as CEO of Workplace Success. Founder of the Phenomenal Woman Conference and the Teen Success Summit she has dedicated her life to helping others be their best. We touch on her journey. Continue Reading→

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Barbara Beach runs the Radioactive Broadcasting Network. She is a prolific journalist (Chicago Tribune/LA Times), broadcaster, and marketer. We chat about her career in media and her upcoming show on ABC. Continue Reading→

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Ann Handley is a founder of MarketingProfs, a community of marketing experts helping people understand content marketing. We talk about the new rules of marketing and how a journalist got so interested in content marketing. Continue Reading→

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Dave Jackson runs School of Podcasting where he teaches folks world wide how to podcast since 2005. This former teacher is also a musician and computer expert. We talk about how he turned electronic engineering into a career in podcasting. Continue Reading→

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Sean O'Keefe runs Sean O'Keefe Events, an Atlanta based event company that drives fundraising for local nonprofits/NGOs. We talk his life as a chef in Hollywood and why he is so passionate about helping organizations thrive through his events. Continue Reading→

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Paul Roetzer is founder at PR2020, a PR agency helps busisnesses master inbound marketing. After having a 'Jerry Maguire' moment at a traditional ad agency, he started a firm based on the values he wanted to see. We chat about his awesome journey. Continue Reading→

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Quiana Agbai quit her day job as a marketer to start Harlem Love Birds, a blog about her life. In addition to blogging, she consults small businesses on their branding. We talk about the life of a blogger and how to grow your audience. Continue Reading→

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