Purpose Rockstar: Daily Career Stories including Grammar Girl and Gretchen Rubin

Jin Ho Kim got so sick from stress he could not get out of bed for 1 year. We chat about how the stress of performing creating an autoimmune condition that almost crippled him. Sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" for 10% off your order

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Valerie Groth is a Life Coach and former school counselor. We chat about the student who inspired her to create a boarding school in Chicago.Sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" for 10% off

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This edition of the ROCK series is about what you have to offer professionally. We go into detail about how to find out what you have to offer your clients or colleagues. Sponsor for this show is Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use code "Rockstar" for 10% off.

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The ROCK series breaks down how to sell and talk about yourself effectively. R is for Recognize your unique personality and how to make it a professional asset. Sponsor: Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" at checkout for 10% off

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In this special episode, we chat about how to find mentors and interns for entrepreneurs starting out. This episode is sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate, organic fuel for workouts and your work day. Use "Rockstar" at Checkout for 10% off.

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In this special episode, we chat about taking a career break. Is it career suicide? Listen to the show and let me know. This podcast is sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Use "Rockstar" at Checkout for 10% off your order.

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In this special episode, Derrick talk about how to figure what to do in your career. We go down memory lane where he talks about dead end jobs and how to get out of them. Sponsored by Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Promo code Rockstar for 10% off your order

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In this special bonus episode, Derrick talks about some changes to the podcast. We chat about contest for Purpose Rockstars, musical change, and a brand new sponsor. Excitement awaits.

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Kacy Karlen started the Height of Style because it was difficult to find a great fashion resource for tall women and men.We chat about life as a 6'4 woman trying to be stylish, growing a writing team, and coolness of dorkdorm :)

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Taylor White decided to start investing in real estate just after Sept 11, 2001. In a down economy, he was able to invest in real estate throughout the world, travel, and learn a lot along the way. We chat about rum, Buenos Aires, and how he made it.

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Jonny Nastor grew up booking punk rock shows and running offline business. When it came to online business though, he took a long hard road. We chat about why he loves online now, how he got unstuck, and being in his daughter's shadow.

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Monica RW was 'Ms Corporate' working her way up the ladder until she got sick and tired. Now she hosts Independent Underground podcast. We chat about their rise from 0 to 147,000 listeners per month + three quick family deaths that changed everything.

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Ani Alexander left a job that was taking her away from her family to pursue writing. We chat about how she found success as a self-published author, why she coaches writers, and her newest book. Derrick's mic had some issues. Enjoy this anyway :)

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Angela Gibson is a transpersonal intuitive counselor. Translation: she helps gain insight into the spiritual world arous us. We chat abour her journey from scientist to spiritual counselor, clearing a house of spirits, and her upcoming tv show. 

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Sheeri Cabral makes MySQL databases cool and brings people together. We chat about how databases  affect our every day lives and how she went from neuroscience to computer science. Let's get dangerous!

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Sherry Penney rose to become the first female president of the University of Massachusetts system. Before then she was told she could not get a job as a professor. We talk about all the difficult steps of her rise to leadership.

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Latoya Burton is a San Francisco who found purpose in interior design and home in Australia. We chat about her journey and the walkabout that lead her to creating Twelve-22. It's just two old friends catching up.

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Scott Herman went from the cast of MTV Real World Brooklyn to Youtube fitness star. Years earlier he was bullied then turned to the gym for release. We chat about that and how he developed a community of 50,000 people.Continue reading→ 

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Adam Teeter, co-founded Vine Pair to make wine less stuck up and more accessible. In an interview recorded on the Friday at 5pm before a holiday we chat about he so passionate and how new people can understand wine quickly. Continue reading → 

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Keith Chow is the Founder of Nerds of Color and the Secret Identity Universe. We chat about growing up as a nerd of color and various controversies in Walking Dead, SpiderMan, and all over pop culture. Continue Reading→

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Madeline Puckette started Wine Folly to make wine approachable to all. She started out a musician and artist then applied that creativity to teaching others about wine. We chat about music, entreprneurship, and learning wine. Continue Reading→  

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Virginia Kuhn submitted one of the first digital disserations ever. She is now leading a huge project to digitally analyze film with humans and super computers going back decades. We chat about Media Literacy and why it's so important Continue Reading →

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