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April 2014
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Gareth Jones consults companies big and small on the food you see in your supermarkets and writes for several food blogs and magazines. We chat about his food journey and the Blue Collar Gastronomy movement. Continue Reading→

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Beppe Salerno details his life as a bike leader for Cyclismo Classico, a international adventure touring company. We talk about his start in Italy and how he stays positive in the tourism industry, even in bad economic times. Continue Reading→

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Dr. Gary Namie is the head on Workplace Bullying institute who started his career after his wife's career was ruined by a bully. We talk in detail about his experience as an expert witness for the Incognito Martin case. Continue Reading→

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Miranda Reiter has worked internationally for big banks and found happiness helping people with their finances. She is a Certified Financial Planner and blogger for She and Money, a personal finance blog for women. We chat about the transition from work with big money to helping individuals. Continue Reading→

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Elatia Harris is bringing sexy back when it comes to farm to table food. Over the years she has developed a palette of classic European, Asian, and other global flavors to broaden her movement to make our relationship with food fun again. We chat about her journey food and the future of farm to table. Continue Reading→

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Jonell Galloway is the Rambling Epicure, a foodie, chef, and writer. Food has taken her from Kentucky to Le Cordon Bleu in France to Switzerland. We chat about how she was eating so well it almost killed her and the mindful eating is now a big part of her writing. Continue Reading→

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Jim Gates is a gifted mathematician, astrophysicist, and philosopher. He is a professor of Physics and Director of the Center for String & Particle Theory at University of Maryland. We chat about his days as a military child, MIT, and he explains complex math -- it's makes sense!. Continue Reading→

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Joseph Francisco is a distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University and former American Chemical Society President. We talk about how a low motivated student from Beaumont, Texas crossed continents to study chemistry became a well known chemist. In this interview, we talk about the keys to success in his career path and how he is helping others find careers in chemistry. Continue Reading→

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Maurya Couvares is the Executive Director of ScriptEd. She learned how to code to get better at her job and uncovered a way to prepare low income youth with the job skills of the new technical economy. We chat about her journey and the potential for coding to change the world. Continue Reading→

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Lisa Cron believes we all hard wired to understand life through stories. She is the author of Wired for Story, a book that reveals how we can use story to enhance our lives. We chat about her journey as a writer and the science of the story. Continue Reading→

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Scott McCabe is one half of Two Trick Pony Productions. He is a fellow Bowdoin College polar bear who took the risky route and followed his dream to make funny films. We talk about the struggles to make money making good art and our old free music download friend Napster. Continue Reading→

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Doug Ammar is the Executive Director of Georgia Justice Project. An organization that defends low income people in court and helps them put their lives back together -- win or lose. We discuss the challenges of a holistic approach to social justice. Continue Reading→

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Stephane Boudon is the CEO of AIM Investment, green/alternative technology investment firm focused on long term renewable infrastructure assets. He bet everything he had that green tech would be a viable long term investment. In this interview, we discuss his sacrifice and the future of green technology. Continue Reading→

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Beth Beulow is the Introverted Entrepreneur. She coaches other introverts in a world that values the loudest voice in the room to succeed in business. We talk her story and how she feels about the book Quiet that came out 2 years after she started talking about introverts. Continue Reading→

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