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Charles McFall is a Success Freak. He co- hosts the Success Freaks podcast, a comedic motivational show that help others be awesome. We get raw in this episode and talk about the ups and downs of trying to help people and make money in very uncertain times. Continue Reading→

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Bob Hannum is molding bodies with pilates and broken sculptures all over the world. That's only part of the picture. Besides a being a fellow Bowdoin polar bear, Bob shows how a creative artist can make a living a button down world. Continue Reading→

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Jay Forte is taking people to their greatness zone, a place where they can be and perform at their peak. He's written a book called the Greatness Zone to help others stop playing small. In our interview, we discuss the difficulty Jay embracing his identity, avoiding suicide and the power he has created in fully realizing his potential. Continue Reading→

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Bob Jenkins is a former high school teacher who is teaching entrepreneurs to build businesses online. We chat about his journey and talk about the virtues of virtual assistants. Continue Reading→

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C.C. Chapman is entrepreneur, marketer, and brother from another mother. He is author of the New Content Rules with Ann Handley and Chief Marketing Officer at YSN. We discuss his life and have a controversial conversation about selfishness in nonprofit marketing. Do not miss this. Continue Reading→

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Sara Seager is one of the most well known astrophysicists in the world. She took a chance in grad school to focus on finding life on planets outside of our solar system, exoplanets. Now she is a professor of Physics and Planetary Sciences at MIT. In this wide ranging interview, we discuss science, life, and why she is so motivated to find the next Earth. Continue Reading→

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Chris O'Leary followed his dreams from NBA basketball to classics to writing about Italian cuisine to finally marketing restaurants in London. We go through his journey from Bowdoin College in Maine to all points European. Continue Reading→

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David France leads Revolution of Hope and the Roxbury Youth Orchestra in Boston. On his journey to teaching inner city youth classical music he went from the great halls of Europe to friends' couches and concrete of the streets of Boston. We discuss his incredible story. Continue Reading→

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Chris Tkach left a well paying job in IT to pursue his dream to brew beer. He is now brewmaster at Idle Hands Craft Ales. We chat about the struggles of starting a brewery and I learn a little about making beer. Continue Reading→

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Melissa Wilson experienced bullying when she was a child. She knew she wanted to do something to help people like her. We talk about the effects of bullying and her new anti-bullying venture The Grass Gets Greener in this touching and important interview. Continue Reading→

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Gave up six figures to podcast for free

Rob Walch saved his life, marriage, and career with podcasting. He is Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. He gave up a six figure job to start podcasting in 2005. He has consulted on podcasting for Governor Bill Richardson, Senator John Edwards and the NBA Sacramento Kings.

Listen to find out the politician he regrets turning down for his podcast consulting services and the future of podcasting. Continue Reading→

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31 marathons is not his biggest achievement 

Coach Rick Muhr has gotten thousands of runners across the finish line of marathons throughout the world. For 12 years, Rick was head coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program, preparing runners for marathons and raising $65M. We chat about the obstacles of a family history of drugs and alcohol and how helps other overcome on their way to the finish line. Continue Reading→

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Matt Johnson runs Runner Academy where he trains and teaches runners of all abilities. He also hosts the #1 running podcast on iTunes, Runner Academy. We discuss his corporate to entrepreneur journey in the running world.  Continue Reading→

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Erica Wheeler is finding place as a musician and teacher. A touring artist for over two decades, her music has charted in the top-ten on Billboard's Gavin Americana Chart and has been featured on syndicated radio programs such as "All Things Considered" and "Voice of America."

We talk about her how she expanded her performing career to include teaching, speaking and advocating for the land, its history, and our connection to it. Continue Reading→

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Fran Seegull is fixing a broken philanthropy system with impact investing. She is Chief Investment Officer of the $100 million Giving Fund at Impact Assets—a non-profit investment firm that invests companies making positive social and environmental impact.

We cover the basics of impact investing. Continue Reading→

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Ernest DuBose worked his way through college and law school as a counselor to people with special needs and serving his country in the military. We talk about his path to successfully start a family law practice in the New York City with 600,000 other lawyers competing. Continue Reading→

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Marci Alboher is the original slasher and that's a good thing. She a lawyer / journalist / writer / tv personality. After many years as a free agent, we talk about her decision to work for someone else at Encore.org. Continue Reading→

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