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Scott Herman went from the cast of MTV Real World Brooklyn to Youtube fitness star. Years earlier he was bullied then turned to the gym for release. We chat about that and how he developed a community of 50,000 people.Continue reading→ 

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Adam Teeter, co-founded Vine Pair to make wine less stuck up and more accessible. In an interview recorded on the Friday at 5pm before a holiday we chat about he so passionate and how new people can understand wine quickly. Continue reading → 

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Keith Chow is the Founder of Nerds of Color and the Secret Identity Universe. We chat about growing up as a nerd of color and various controversies in Walking Dead, SpiderMan, and all over pop culture. Continue Reading→

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Madeline Puckette started Wine Folly to make wine approachable to all. She started out a musician and artist then applied that creativity to teaching others about wine. We chat about music, entreprneurship, and learning wine. Continue Reading→  

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Virginia Kuhn submitted one of the first digital disserations ever. She is now leading a huge project to digitally analyze film with humans and super computers going back decades. We chat about Media Literacy and why it's so important Continue Reading →

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Claire Cook wrote her first novel in a van at 45 years old. Her second novel became the hit movie Must Love Dogs starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. We chat her reinvention and how to make a turn yourself. â†³Continue Reading

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Alex Weaver is the Managing Editor of BostInno, an online news source for innovation and all things Boston. We chat about his journey from Maine, getting in copy writing, and BostInno's groundbreaking coverage. We also chat beer. Continue Reading

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Cheryl McNeil is so committed to the students she teaches she visits the various countries they come from. We chat about her career as a teacher, why she loves travelling so much, and her career as an opera singer. Continue Reading→

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Marsha Wright is an author, journalist, and businesswoman who grew her brand through strategic alliances. We chat about the difference between joint ventures and strategic alliances, her incredible journey, and have fun from Thailand. Continue Reading→

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Alex Avina wanted to be a soccer player and turned out becoming a history professor. We chart his journey from professional soccer player to professor, the modern history of Mexico, the drug war, and even touch on Ferguson, MO shootings. Continue Reading→

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Chad Watkins fell in love in French culture then wine and then teaching others about wine. He is the head honcho at Uncommongrape, a blog that makes wine part of life. He reviews a few wine wines as well. Continue Reading→

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Dante Bartolomeo started by fighting for services for her child and ended up working on behalf of families in Connecticut. We chat about the challenges of being a politican, advocating for children, and how Sandy Hook shooting changed everything. Continue Reading→

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Two PhD degrees 25 years apart are just one of the things that distinguishes Kalyan Raman. A business professor with a focus on electrical engineering of neuroscience is a pretty darn cool distinction. Enjoy this awesome story. Continue Reading→

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Meg Sylvia runs Artful Publications where she helps entrepreneurs create and successfully market awesome E-Books. We chat about making the entrepreneurial leap and what goes into a good E-Book. Continue Reading→

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Hannah Engelson is the director of Jonah Stands Up, a documentary that tells the story of a stand up comedian, candidate for mayor who happens to be a wheelchair bound guy with Muscular Dystrophy. We chat about the documentary and her life.  Continue Reading→

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In our very first Bonus Episode our host Derrick gets two very provactive questions from Laura Ettinger, History Professor at Clarkson University who is featured in Episode 105.

If you enjoy the show give a review on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Eric Tivers is a social worker who specializes in work in ADHD and Autism. We talk his struggles with ADHD and why he took the choice of working with people like him. Plus we talk about something has him awfully excited. Continue Reading→

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Irem Eren is the Marketing Director at Ayza Chocolate, a wine and chocolate bar in New York. Her road there included starting in Turkey, many years in a Spain as a scientist. We chat about fantastic wine + chocolate combos and her life. Continue Reading→

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Bill Vitek believes we can think differently about our environment. We talk about his career as professor, musician, stumbliing into environmental ethics and what we can do to change perception of conservation. Continue Reading→

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Michael Willis is one of half of the Willis Bros surfing and a twin. We talk about his days in Hawaii, how he used surfing for networking, and the secret sauce behind their world famous surfboards. Continue Reading→

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Laura Ettinger studies women throughout history in medicine, technology, and science. We talk about her journey to becoming a professor at Clarkson University, the choices she made for work-life balance, and a game changing project on the horizon. Continue Reading→

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Banks White is the Chef de Cuisine at Minton is historic Harlem. He quit college to pursue cooking and became a trained chef. We talk about the challenges of becoming a chef with few role models and the big change in his diet that came from his kitchen. Continue Reading→

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Kelly Urbanik studied chemistry then switch majors to the chemistry of wine. We chat about her road to running Macari Vineyards in New York and the challenges of being taken seriously as a young wine maker. Continue Reading→

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Kyra Davis was divorced, young, and hurting when she started writing her Sophie Katz novel series. She talks about the pain of the time, her writing process, and what's coming up in her career. Continue Reading→

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Kristy Bromberg decided to start writing at age 35 and 18 months later she became the New York Times best selling author of 3 books. We talk about her scandalous 'Driven' series, her writing process, and synonyms for body parts. Continue Reading→

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You are awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy some highlights from the first 100 episodes. 

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Scott Barton is tracking the migration of food of the African Diaspora. We talk about his journey as a chef which covers New York, France, San Francisco, and Brazil. In this interview we name drop like crazy, including Sean Penn and Madonna. Continue Reading→

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Donna Christensen went from Doctor to Congresswoman but it was not an easy road. We chat with the US Representative for the Virgin Islands on her risky move to Congress and her bid to become the first black female Governor in US history. Continue Reading→

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Emily Goodstein quit a 9 to 5 to become a birth photographer or birthographer. In this interview, we chat about shooting vaginas, why she focuses on births, and the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Continue Reading→

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Kristina Kaiser is the Lead Pastor at the River South Church in Quincy, MA. She incorporates film into her sermons and has produced films herself. We chat about the power of media in church and her story from opera singer to pastor. Continue Reading→

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Afua Richardson is a comic book artist and singer. This Jane of all trades is author of Genius and Native American classics. We talk about the challenges of being a woman in comics and the projects she has on the horizon. Continue Reading→

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Ryan Ferrier is a comic book writer and letterer who brings depth to the industry. He is the writer of D4VE, Tiger Lawyer, and Ultranova. We talk about making it in comics and his passion for writing. Continue Reading→

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Isra Garcia is a marketer who uses social media to create meaningful relationship. His story includes a huge gamble leaving his home country of Spain to University of Liverpool. We also talk about why he participates in extreme sports. Continue Reading→

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David Keevil is pyschologist who specializes in ADHD counseling. His career journey started as an artist and ended in psychology. We talk about why ADHD is a super power, the difference between ADHD and ADD, and a lot more. Continue Reading→

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Ashley Woods is a comic book artist inspired by video games, Japanese anime who balances east and west. We talk about the role of comics in her life, the Milennia War series, and the challenges of being a Black woman is comics. Continue Reading→

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Robert Wicks is Author, Pyschologist, and the person you call when you need to overcome crisis. For 30 years, he has spoken and counseled groups of people on how to overcome traumatic events. We chat about his life and the Boston Marathon bombings. Continue Reading→

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Sherrie Hines is a Public Defender in Georgia. When she is not defending indigent clients she teaches karate and volunteers at a zoo. We talk about the challenges of handling several hundred cases a year. Continue Reading→

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Connie Allen is a Professional Blackjack Dealer who wants to make trips to the casino much easier for novices. We chat about her book, The Casino Through A Dealer's Eyes and how to win a copy to know what not to do at the Blackjack table. Continue Reading→

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Mark McKenna has worked on Spiderman, Wolverine, Avengers, X-Men, and almost every major comic you know. We talk about how he was able to work on high profile comics at both Marvel and DC. Plus win a copy of his latest project... Continue Reading→

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Thomas Yeates is a comic book artist who has illustrated multiple classic characters. His credits include Zorro, Tarzan, Swamp Thing, and Price Valiant. We talk about his career in comics and working with new technology. Continue Reading→

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Lyndsey Hrabik is the Managing Editor and Social Media Strategist at Nonprofit Hub. A lover of the written word and nonprofits, we talk about how she fell into a dream shortly after college. The conversation also goes into some controversy... Continue Reading→

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Robert Hilsenroth is the Executive Director of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. He is an advocate for Zoo Vets all over the US organizing conference and lobbying congress on their behalf. We how he accidentally landed his dream job. Continue Reading→

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Gina Kinzley is the Lead Elephant Keeper at the Oakland Zoo. Her loves of animals started early. We talk about how she landed her dream job, the possibility of elephants become extinct, and what to do with elephant poop. Continue Reading→

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Zorina Galis is the Chief of Vascular Biology and Hypertension Branch at the National Institute of Health. Coming from Transylvania she had to prove herself as a scientist in a new country. We chat about her move from Pharma to helping people at NIH. Continue Reading→

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Benjamin Mee is the Zoo Director at Datmoor Zoological Park. We talk about how he went from college dropout to Zoo Director in less than 10 years. We also talk about the story behind the book and movie We Bought a Zoo based on his life. Continue Reading→

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Matt Hawkins is the CEO of Topcow Productions. He does finance, marketing, managing people, and even finds time to write two books a month. We talk about how he almost left the business, wasn't originally a comic fan, and a little Sean Connery andTom Cruise. Continue Reading→

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Jamar Nicholas is a comic artist, cartoonist, and educator. We talk about his career in cartoons, comics, and the Geoffrey Canada book that helped make him famous Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun. We also discuss his "unicorn" status as a black artist in comics. Continue Reading→

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Tim Kight is the CEO of Focus 3, an organization dedicated to creating peak formance for individuals and companies. We talk about his rise to leadership and how he is teaching coaches like Urban Meyer how to lead. Continue Reading→

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Phil LaDuke is safety blogger and consultant that understands how to tell a story. We talk about his career in performance improvement, sales, and speaking in the safety industry. Continue Reading→

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Marla Felcher connects women and causes at the Philanthropy Connection. We talk about the collective power of women in philanthropy and her journey from journalist to founder of a nonprofit. Continue Reading→

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Mehran Khaghani is one of the more intelligent, thoughtful, and crazy comedians you will ever hear. He tells the story of how he went from wild child in his 20s to became a skilled comedian. Be warned this interview has colorful language. Continue Reading→

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Krysta Youngs is singer and song writer with a musical training including Berklee College of Music, Memphis Tennessee, and mentors like famous song writer Diane Warren. We chat about making it in music and her upcoming EP. Continue Reading→

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Orlando Baxter chose a career in comedy after many years as a teacher. We talk about the power of positive pushups, his near win of a national comedy competition, and the power of mentoring in comedy. Continue Reading→

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Greg Tung created Scare Yourself Every Day, a blog where for one year he did something scary every day. We talk about many of his whacky adventures, dealing with expectations of family, and the upcoming movie about his experience. Continue Reading→

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Graham Wright leads Opus Affair, a community that brings together artists in performing and visual arts in several cities. We talk about how an organic chemistry PhD built a community of artists with thousands of members. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 71_71__Graham_Wright_Opus_Affair_-.mp3
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Bill Bentley created the Productive Self to help others find peace in their lives. After a productivity crash that caused him to nearly lose everything, Bill found strategies to help him recover. We talk about the profound impact on his life and others. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 70_70__Bill_Bentley_founder_Produc.mp3
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Karen Hinds is helping people of all ages meet their untapped potential as CEO of Workplace Success. Founder of the Phenomenal Woman Conference and the Teen Success Summit she has dedicated her life to helping others be their best. We touch on her journey. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 69_69__Karen_Hinds_CEO_Workplace_Su.mp3
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Barbara Beach runs the Radioactive Broadcasting Network. She is a prolific journalist (Chicago Tribune/LA Times), broadcaster, and marketer. We chat about her career in media and her upcoming show on ABC. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 68_68__Barbara_Beach_Radioactive_Br.mp3
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Ann Handley is a founder of MarketingProfs, a community of marketing experts helping people understand content marketing. We talk about the new rules of marketing and how a journalist got so interested in content marketing. Continue Reading→

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Dave Jackson runs School of Podcasting where he teaches folks world wide how to podcast since 2005. This former teacher is also a musician and computer expert. We talk about how he turned electronic engineering into a career in podcasting. Continue Reading→

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Sean O'Keefe runs Sean O'Keefe Events, an Atlanta based event company that drives fundraising for local nonprofits/NGOs. We talk his life as a chef in Hollywood and why he is so passionate about helping organizations thrive through his events. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 65_65__Sean_OKeefe_Event_Planner_t.mp3
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Paul Roetzer is founder at PR2020, a PR agency helps busisnesses master inbound marketing. After having a 'Jerry Maguire' moment at a traditional ad agency, he started a firm based on the values he wanted to see. We chat about his awesome journey. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 64_64__Paul_Roetzer_PR_Expert_and_f.mp3
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Quiana Agbai quit her day job as a marketer to start Harlem Love Birds, a blog about her life. In addition to blogging, she consults small businesses on their branding. We talk about the life of a blogger and how to grow your audience. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 63_63__Quiana_Agbai_Harlem_Love_Bir.mp3
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Zev Robinson tells stories about how food gets on your plate and in your glass. The documentary filmmaker and artist talks about how a car accident started his film career. We also go into the how he is shining a light on rural wine makers in Spain. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 62_62__Zev_Robinson_Documentary_Fil.mp3
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Nicolas Warren blended chocolate and ginseng to prepare for triathletes. Now is he cooking "perfect fuel" for active people and lovers of chocolate. We follow why he is so excited about a new packaged goods business when online services are so popular. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 61_61__Nicolas_Warren_Perfect_Fuel.mp3
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Dahled Jeffries is Director of the National Poetry Slam and Oakland Slam. He overcame dyslexia, learned to loved reading, and now is a thought leader in the US slam poetry movement. We talk about the life of a poet. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 60_60__Dahled_Jeffries_Slam_Poet_-.mp3
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Rick Younger is an actor, singer, and comedian. He's a regular on NBC's Today Show "Guys Tell All" segment and starred on shows like Rescue Me and Law & Order Special Victims Unit. We talk about how he has made it in entertainment. Continue Reading→

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Interview: How to create sustainable farming with Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson is one of the foremost names in sustainable farming in the US. She is known for her work with Peacework CSA, the Agricultural Justice Project, Agrarian Trust and many other farming organizations. We talk about what the past, present, and future of sustainable farming. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 58_58__Elizabeth_Henderson_Peacewor.mp3
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Doria Robinson is Executive Director of Urban Tilth, an organization giving people in the community of Richmond, CA the skills to grow urban farms that are producing thousands of pounds of food a year. We chat about the challenges of expanding successful urban farms. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 57_57__Doria_Robinson_Urban_Farme_1.mp3
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Raheem Jarbo is hip hop artist and educator putting nerdcore music on the map. The man known as Mega Ran or Random shares his journey from teacher to touring artist. You might even some of his tunes inspired by Mega Man and other video games. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 56_56__Raheem_Jarbo_aka_Mega_Ran_tea.mp3
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Eric Zimmer is the host of the One You Feed Podcast, where he asked his guests to explore their good and bad wolf. The parable goes that the wolf or nature that survives is the one you feed. We will go into Eric's life talking about overcoming addiction and starting a successful podcast. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 55_55__Eric_Zimmer_feeds_his_good_wo.mp3
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Interview: How to make chocolate for the active lifestyle with Miles Masci, Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Miles Masci is one half of Perfect Fuel Chocolate team. They make a ginseng infused chocolate for athletes. We chat about chocolate, agriculture, and his awesome ride around the world. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 54_54_Miles_Masci_Perfect_Fuel_Choc.mp3
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Guillaume Veillette translate all types of manuals and important documents by day. By night he is a video game journalist and podcaster for NintendoWorldReport. We talk about the parallels of both careers. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 53_53__Guillaume_Veillette_Translat.mp3
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Greg Lesky Lead Designer at Drinkbox Games always tinkered with things to figure out how they worked.  We talk about his career making big budget games at EA, Ubisoft, and break down Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 52_52__Greg_Lesky_Lead_Designer_Dr.mp3
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Susan Arendt is a Managing Editor at Joystiq, a video game criticism site.  She is the only female Managing Editor at a major video game site. We talk about video game criticism, women in games, and her new venture Take This, which addresses mental health issues for gamers. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 51_51__Susan_Arendt_Managing_Editor.mp3
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Gareth Jones consults companies big and small on the food you see in your supermarkets and writes for several food blogs and magazines. We chat about his food journey and the Blue Collar Gastronomy movement. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 50_50__Gareth_Jones_Wales_to_France.mp3
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Beppe Salerno details his life as a bike leader for Cyclismo Classico, a international adventure touring company. We talk about his start in Italy and how he stays positive in the tourism industry, even in bad economic times. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 49_49__Beppe_Salerno_Cyclismo_Classi.mp3
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Dr. Gary Namie is the head on Workplace Bullying institute who started his career after his wife's career was ruined by a bully. We talk in detail about his experience as an expert witness for the Incognito Martin case. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 48_48__Gary_Namie_-_Workplace_Bullyi.mp3
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Miranda Reiter has worked internationally for big banks and found happiness helping people with their finances. She is a Certified Financial Planner and blogger for She and Money, a personal finance blog for women. We chat about the transition from work with big money to helping individuals. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 47_47__Miranda_Reiter_-_World_Travel.mp3
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Elatia Harris is bringing sexy back when it comes to farm to table food. Over the years she has developed a palette of classic European, Asian, and other global flavors to broaden her movement to make our relationship with food fun again. We chat about her journey food and the future of farm to table. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 46_46__Elatia_Harris_-_Farm_to_table.mp3
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Jonell Galloway is the Rambling Epicure, a foodie, chef, and writer. Food has taken her from Kentucky to Le Cordon Bleu in France to Switzerland. We chat about how she was eating so well it almost killed her and the mindful eating is now a big part of her writing. Continue Reading→

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Jim Gates is a gifted mathematician, astrophysicist, and philosopher. He is a professor of Physics and Director of the Center for String & Particle Theory at University of Maryland. We chat about his days as a military child, MIT, and he explains complex math -- it's makes sense!. Continue Reading→

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Joseph Francisco is a distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University and former American Chemical Society President. We talk about how a low motivated student from Beaumont, Texas crossed continents to study chemistry became a well known chemist. In this interview, we talk about the keys to success in his career path and how he is helping others find careers in chemistry. Continue Reading→

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Maurya Couvares is the Executive Director of ScriptEd. She learned how to code to get better at her job and uncovered a way to prepare low income youth with the job skills of the new technical economy. We chat about her journey and the potential for coding to change the world. Continue Reading→

Direct download: 42_42__Maurya_Couvares_How_coding_c.mp3
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Lisa Cron believes we all hard wired to understand life through stories. She is the author of Wired for Story, a book that reveals how we can use story to enhance our lives. We chat about her journey as a writer and the science of the story. Continue Reading→

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Scott McCabe is one half of Two Trick Pony Productions. He is a fellow Bowdoin College polar bear who took the risky route and followed his dream to make funny films. We talk about the struggles to make money making good art and our old free music download friend Napster. Continue Reading→

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Doug Ammar is the Executive Director of Georgia Justice Project. An organization that defends low income people in court and helps them put their lives back together -- win or lose. We discuss the challenges of a holistic approach to social justice. Continue Reading→

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Stephane Boudon is the CEO of AIM Investment, green/alternative technology investment firm focused on long term renewable infrastructure assets. He bet everything he had that green tech would be a viable long term investment. In this interview, we discuss his sacrifice and the future of green technology. Continue Reading→

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Beth Beulow is the Introverted Entrepreneur. She coaches other introverts in a world that values the loudest voice in the room to succeed in business. We talk her story and how she feels about the book Quiet that came out 2 years after she started talking about introverts. Continue Reading→

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Charles McFall is a Success Freak. He co- hosts the Success Freaks podcast, a comedic motivational show that help others be awesome. We get raw in this episode and talk about the ups and downs of trying to help people and make money in very uncertain times. Continue Reading→

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Bob Hannum is molding bodies with pilates and broken sculptures all over the world. That's only part of the picture. Besides a being a fellow Bowdoin polar bear, Bob shows how a creative artist can make a living a button down world. Continue Reading→

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Jay Forte is taking people to their greatness zone, a place where they can be and perform at their peak. He's written a book called the Greatness Zone to help others stop playing small. In our interview, we discuss the difficulty Jay embracing his identity, avoiding suicide and the power he has created in fully realizing his potential. Continue Reading→

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Bob Jenkins is a former high school teacher who is teaching entrepreneurs to build businesses online. We chat about his journey and talk about the virtues of virtual assistants. Continue Reading→

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C.C. Chapman is entrepreneur, marketer, and brother from another mother. He is author of the New Content Rules with Ann Handley and Chief Marketing Officer at YSN. We discuss his life and have a controversial conversation about selfishness in nonprofit marketing. Do not miss this. Continue Reading→

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Sara Seager is one of the most well known astrophysicists in the world. She took a chance in grad school to focus on finding life on planets outside of our solar system, exoplanets. Now she is a professor of Physics and Planetary Sciences at MIT. In this wide ranging interview, we discuss science, life, and why she is so motivated to find the next Earth. Continue Reading→

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Chris O'Leary followed his dreams from NBA basketball to classics to writing about Italian cuisine to finally marketing restaurants in London. We go through his journey from Bowdoin College in Maine to all points European. Continue Reading→

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David France leads Revolution of Hope and the Roxbury Youth Orchestra in Boston. On his journey to teaching inner city youth classical music he went from the great halls of Europe to friends' couches and concrete of the streets of Boston. We discuss his incredible story. Continue Reading→

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Chris Tkach left a well paying job in IT to pursue his dream to brew beer. He is now brewmaster at Idle Hands Craft Ales. We chat about the struggles of starting a brewery and I learn a little about making beer. Continue Reading→

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Melissa Wilson experienced bullying when she was a child. She knew she wanted to do something to help people like her. We talk about the effects of bullying and her new anti-bullying venture The Grass Gets Greener in this touching and important interview. Continue Reading→

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Gave up six figures to podcast for free

Rob Walch saved his life, marriage, and career with podcasting. He is Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. He gave up a six figure job to start podcasting in 2005. He has consulted on podcasting for Governor Bill Richardson, Senator John Edwards and the NBA Sacramento Kings.

Listen to find out the politician he regrets turning down for his podcast consulting services and the future of podcasting. Continue Reading→

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