Purpose Rockstar: Daily Career Stories including Grammar Girl and Gretchen Rubin

Dahled Jeffries is Director of the National Poetry Slam and Oakland Slam. He overcame dyslexia, learned to loved reading, and now is a thought leader in the US slam poetry movement. We talk about the life of a poet. Continue Reading→

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Rick Younger is an actor, singer, and comedian. He's a regular on NBC's Today Show "Guys Tell All" segment and starred on shows like Rescue Me and Law & Order Special Victims Unit. We talk about how he has made it in entertainment. Continue Reading→

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Interview: How to create sustainable farming with Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson is one of the foremost names in sustainable farming in the US. She is known for her work with Peacework CSA, the Agricultural Justice Project, Agrarian Trust and many other farming organizations. We talk about what the past, present, and future of sustainable farming. Continue Reading→

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Doria Robinson is Executive Director of Urban Tilth, an organization giving people in the community of Richmond, CA the skills to grow urban farms that are producing thousands of pounds of food a year. We chat about the challenges of expanding successful urban farms. Continue Reading→

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Raheem Jarbo is hip hop artist and educator putting nerdcore music on the map. The man known as Mega Ran or Random shares his journey from teacher to touring artist. You might even some of his tunes inspired by Mega Man and other video games. Continue Reading→

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Eric Zimmer is the host of the One You Feed Podcast, where he asked his guests to explore their good and bad wolf. The parable goes that the wolf or nature that survives is the one you feed. We will go into Eric's life talking about overcoming addiction and starting a successful podcast. Continue Reading→

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Interview: How to make chocolate for the active lifestyle with Miles Masci, Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Miles Masci is one half of Perfect Fuel Chocolate team. They make a ginseng infused chocolate for athletes. We chat about chocolate, agriculture, and his awesome ride around the world. Continue Reading→

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Guillaume Veillette translate all types of manuals and important documents by day. By night he is a video game journalist and podcaster for NintendoWorldReport. We talk about the parallels of both careers. Continue Reading→

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Greg Lesky Lead Designer at Drinkbox Games always tinkered with things to figure out how they worked.  We talk about his career making big budget games at EA, Ubisoft, and break down Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Continue Reading→

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Susan Arendt is a Managing Editor at Joystiq, a video game criticism site.  She is the only female Managing Editor at a major video game site. We talk about video game criticism, women in games, and her new venture Take This, which addresses mental health issues for gamers. Continue Reading→

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Gareth Jones consults companies big and small on the food you see in your supermarkets and writes for several food blogs and magazines. We chat about his food journey and the Blue Collar Gastronomy movement. Continue Reading→

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Beppe Salerno details his life as a bike leader for Cyclismo Classico, a international adventure touring company. We talk about his start in Italy and how he stays positive in the tourism industry, even in bad economic times. Continue Reading→

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Dr. Gary Namie is the head on Workplace Bullying institute who started his career after his wife's career was ruined by a bully. We talk in detail about his experience as an expert witness for the Incognito Martin case. Continue Reading→

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Miranda Reiter has worked internationally for big banks and found happiness helping people with their finances. She is a Certified Financial Planner and blogger for She and Money, a personal finance blog for women. We chat about the transition from work with big money to helping individuals. Continue Reading→

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Elatia Harris is bringing sexy back when it comes to farm to table food. Over the years she has developed a palette of classic European, Asian, and other global flavors to broaden her movement to make our relationship with food fun again. We chat about her journey food and the future of farm to table. Continue Reading→

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Jonell Galloway is the Rambling Epicure, a foodie, chef, and writer. Food has taken her from Kentucky to Le Cordon Bleu in France to Switzerland. We chat about how she was eating so well it almost killed her and the mindful eating is now a big part of her writing. Continue Reading→

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Jim Gates is a gifted mathematician, astrophysicist, and philosopher. He is a professor of Physics and Director of the Center for String & Particle Theory at University of Maryland. We chat about his days as a military child, MIT, and he explains complex math -- it's makes sense!. Continue Reading→

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Joseph Francisco is a distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University and former American Chemical Society President. We talk about how a low motivated student from Beaumont, Texas crossed continents to study chemistry became a well known chemist. In this interview, we talk about the keys to success in his career path and how he is helping others find careers in chemistry. Continue Reading→

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Maurya Couvares is the Executive Director of ScriptEd. She learned how to code to get better at her job and uncovered a way to prepare low income youth with the job skills of the new technical economy. We chat about her journey and the potential for coding to change the world. Continue Reading→

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Lisa Cron believes we all hard wired to understand life through stories. She is the author of Wired for Story, a book that reveals how we can use story to enhance our lives. We chat about her journey as a writer and the science of the story. Continue Reading→

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Scott McCabe is one half of Two Trick Pony Productions. He is a fellow Bowdoin College polar bear who took the risky route and followed his dream to make funny films. We talk about the struggles to make money making good art and our old free music download friend Napster. Continue Reading→

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Doug Ammar is the Executive Director of Georgia Justice Project. An organization that defends low income people in court and helps them put their lives back together -- win or lose. We discuss the challenges of a holistic approach to social justice. Continue Reading→

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Stephane Boudon is the CEO of AIM Investment, green/alternative technology investment firm focused on long term renewable infrastructure assets. He bet everything he had that green tech would be a viable long term investment. In this interview, we discuss his sacrifice and the future of green technology. Continue Reading→

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Beth Beulow is the Introverted Entrepreneur. She coaches other introverts in a world that values the loudest voice in the room to succeed in business. We talk her story and how she feels about the book Quiet that came out 2 years after she started talking about introverts. Continue Reading→

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Charles McFall is a Success Freak. He co- hosts the Success Freaks podcast, a comedic motivational show that help others be awesome. We get raw in this episode and talk about the ups and downs of trying to help people and make money in very uncertain times. Continue Reading→

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Bob Hannum is molding bodies with pilates and broken sculptures all over the world. That's only part of the picture. Besides a being a fellow Bowdoin polar bear, Bob shows how a creative artist can make a living a button down world. Continue Reading→

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Jay Forte is taking people to their greatness zone, a place where they can be and perform at their peak. He's written a book called the Greatness Zone to help others stop playing small. In our interview, we discuss the difficulty Jay embracing his identity, avoiding suicide and the power he has created in fully realizing his potential. Continue Reading→

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Bob Jenkins is a former high school teacher who is teaching entrepreneurs to build businesses online. We chat about his journey and talk about the virtues of virtual assistants. Continue Reading→

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C.C. Chapman is entrepreneur, marketer, and brother from another mother. He is author of the New Content Rules with Ann Handley and Chief Marketing Officer at YSN. We discuss his life and have a controversial conversation about selfishness in nonprofit marketing. Do not miss this. Continue Reading→

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Sara Seager is one of the most well known astrophysicists in the world. She took a chance in grad school to focus on finding life on planets outside of our solar system, exoplanets. Now she is a professor of Physics and Planetary Sciences at MIT. In this wide ranging interview, we discuss science, life, and why she is so motivated to find the next Earth. Continue Reading→

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Chris O'Leary followed his dreams from NBA basketball to classics to writing about Italian cuisine to finally marketing restaurants in London. We go through his journey from Bowdoin College in Maine to all points European. Continue Reading→

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David France leads Revolution of Hope and the Roxbury Youth Orchestra in Boston. On his journey to teaching inner city youth classical music he went from the great halls of Europe to friends' couches and concrete of the streets of Boston. We discuss his incredible story. Continue Reading→

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Chris Tkach left a well paying job in IT to pursue his dream to brew beer. He is now brewmaster at Idle Hands Craft Ales. We chat about the struggles of starting a brewery and I learn a little about making beer. Continue Reading→

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Melissa Wilson experienced bullying when she was a child. She knew she wanted to do something to help people like her. We talk about the effects of bullying and her new anti-bullying venture The Grass Gets Greener in this touching and important interview. Continue Reading→

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Gave up six figures to podcast for free

Rob Walch saved his life, marriage, and career with podcasting. He is Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. He gave up a six figure job to start podcasting in 2005. He has consulted on podcasting for Governor Bill Richardson, Senator John Edwards and the NBA Sacramento Kings.

Listen to find out the politician he regrets turning down for his podcast consulting services and the future of podcasting. Continue Reading→

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31 marathons is not his biggest achievement 

Coach Rick Muhr has gotten thousands of runners across the finish line of marathons throughout the world. For 12 years, Rick was head coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program, preparing runners for marathons and raising $65M. We chat about the obstacles of a family history of drugs and alcohol and how helps other overcome on their way to the finish line. Continue Reading→

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Matt Johnson runs Runner Academy where he trains and teaches runners of all abilities. He also hosts the #1 running podcast on iTunes, Runner Academy. We discuss his corporate to entrepreneur journey in the running world.  Continue Reading→

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Erica Wheeler is finding place as a musician and teacher. A touring artist for over two decades, her music has charted in the top-ten on Billboard's Gavin Americana Chart and has been featured on syndicated radio programs such as "All Things Considered" and "Voice of America."

We talk about her how she expanded her performing career to include teaching, speaking and advocating for the land, its history, and our connection to it. Continue Reading→

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Fran Seegull is fixing a broken philanthropy system with impact investing. She is Chief Investment Officer of the $100 million Giving Fund at Impact Assets—a non-profit investment firm that invests companies making positive social and environmental impact.

We cover the basics of impact investing. Continue Reading→

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Ernest DuBose worked his way through college and law school as a counselor to people with special needs and serving his country in the military. We talk about his path to successfully start a family law practice in the New York City with 600,000 other lawyers competing. Continue Reading→

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Marci Alboher is the original slasher and that's a good thing. She a lawyer / journalist / writer / tv personality. After many years as a free agent, we talk about her decision to work for someone else at Encore.org. Continue Reading→

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Cara Bradley is a figure skater, runner, and MBA investment banker. She has found purpose in Verge Yoga her studio in suburban Philadelphia and Verge Athlete that offers mental strength training and yoga programs to elite athletes including professional and college sports teams. We talk about her awesome journey.  Continue Reading→

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Mike Gemm shares his path to becoming a coach with For Impact, which helps organizations fund their missions. He started his career as an accountant then had an epiphany that launched him into a career transition. Mike has a lot of energy. It's infectious. Hope you feel it too. He’s passionate about training and seeing people reach their potential (and Notre Dame…Go Irish). Continue Reading→

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Dave Schmelzer is an atheist turned pastor and social entrepreneur looking to redefine the meaning of meaning. He is the CEO of Blue Ocean Faith, a community of organizations, churches, and like-minded individuals who believe anyone can connect with God from wherever they’re at—within their own culture, race, and religion (or lack thereof)—through genuine give-and-take dialogues about faith. Continue Reading→

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Jeri Dansky is a successful personal organizer and blogger. Prior to that she had a good corporate job that wasn't making her happy. We discuss her transition from unhealthy to happy falling in love with organizing people's lives. Continue Reading→

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Linda Mornell was a 45 year old psychiatric nurse that would start Summer Search, an organization that would change so many lives - including mine. Summer Search is now 25 years old and it's been dramatically changing the trajectory of low income youth across the United States.  Things get a little personal, so it should make for an interesting show. Enjoy. Continue Reading→

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Mignon Fogarty is Grammar Girl. She hosts an award winning podcast, makes board games, codes video games from scratch and runs the Quick and Dirty Tips Network. What else can she do? We discuss her journey from academic to nationally known grammatical powerhouse. Continue Reading→

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Today, Ali Smith tell us how about his journey to find purpose as the smoothest yoga teacher you've ever seen. With his brother Atman and their friend Andy their Holistic Life Foundation is using yoga and mindfulness change lives in drug treatment centers, juvenile detention centers, alternative high schools in Baltimore and soon all over the US. Continue Reading→

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Today we get responsible with Meika (pronounced Me-ka) Hollender.

Meika grew up with an entrepreneur dad. She went to Stern School of Business at NYU. She was well on her way to a high powered career in corporate America. Then something shifted. We cover that shift and her journey to VP of Marketing for Sustain Condoms, all natural, non-toxic, marketed and made for women.

I learned a lot about condoms, sexual health, and a very enterprising woman. Hope you will too. Enjoy. Continue Reading→

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Kenn Blanchard is a Black Man with a Gun and so much more. He is host of the Black with a Gun podcast, a pastor, and former government agent. We go through his eclectic journey and love of guns. Stay tuned, this is an episode you will not want to miss. Continue Reading→

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Today, we go big star hunting with Peter Sims.

Peter is a deep thinker who found his true north by making little bets along his journey. At venture capital firm Summit Partners, he made bets on entrepreneurs. As an MBA at Stanford, he found his true north by taking a chance to co-author a book with Bill George, which became a best seller.

We cover both of Peter's books, the stress of not knowing what's next, and of course, he went to Bowdoin College. Go Polar Bears. Continue Reading→

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Amethyst Wyldfyre is The Empowered Messenger. Her mission and purpose is to serve as a catalyst for personal, professional and planetary change. She has helped her clients unleash their speaking potential to spread the message they have for the world.  We discuss her transition from real estate to successful coach - in her pajamas. Continue Reading→

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Sherry Carver is a coach/guide for parents, step-parents and divorced couples. Her marriage at age 19 and divorce at 24, paved the way for her life's work to help blended families created after divorce. She is listening to their life stories, organizing finances and encouraging hope during the days when they were at their lowest.

Sherry Carver is coaching blending families through divorce. Continue Reading→

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Mike Mataluni grew up around drug addiction and found meaning by helping foster children with similar backgrounds.  He now hosts Kick Ass Dad, a podcast where he helps struggling parents three times a week.  Continue Reading→

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Kylie Ofiu is the author of 365 Ways To Make Money, financial mentor, and single mother of two. She overcame domestic violence, rape, and homeless on her way to become one of biggest names in personal finance worldwide. Her blog won Best International Personal Finance Blog for 2012 and 2013.

We discuss her journey and talk about her current work with the homeless in Australia.  Continue Reading→

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Gretchen Rubin gave up a career in law where she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to start a career in writing. She created success with The Happiness Project, a book that tells the story of her year long quest to be happier.

We talk about her journey, writing process, and her upcoming book on habits.  Continue Reading→

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4: Bob Sutton has rules for a**holes and scales up excellence

Bob Sutton has been interested in the dynamics of work since his first job at a pizza parlor. He has since written books on the subject including No Asshole Rule, Good Boss/Bad Boss, and his newest, Scaling Up Excellence. We have a lot of fun talking about his research, tax collectors and Israeli police interrogators.  Continue Reading→

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Today we chronicle the life and times of Jesse Kornbluth, the Head Butler.

Jesse Kornbluth is a writer, critic, and author. He’s written for Vanity Fair, Reader’s Digest, The New Yorker and many other publications. At headbutler.com, he is a personal concierge for your head reviewing movies, books, and music.

We go through the ups and downs of his career as a writer. Continue Reading→

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2: Lian Dolan chaos chronicles chatting with her 4 Satellite Sisters every week

Lian Dolan is a writer, producer, and talk show host. In 2000, Lian created Satellite Sisters, a weekly show with her four sisters around the globe. Her writing has appeared in many national magazines, including regular columns in O, The Oprah Magazine and Working Mother and essays in such anthologies as Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul. TV appearances have included The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Continue Reading→

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1: Derrick Duplessy Purpose Rockstar #1

Derrick Duplessy is the founder of the Purpose Rockstar podcast and Executive Director of Duplessy Foundation. By day, he runs Duplessy Foundation, where he mentors homegrown artists and entrepreneurs to successfully run businesses. How do you overcome the paralyzing fear of failure? Join us as Derrick shares his story on his way starting two of the scariest things in his life. Continue reading→ 

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